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This Science Game is designed to reinforce the science vocabulary focusing on the Physics of Motion while the students have fun.

Simply print, cut, and enjoy!

Topics featured on the game cards:

– Speed
– Instantaneous Speed
– Velocity
– Acceleration
– Mass
– Inertia
– Momentum
– Law of Conservation of Momentum
– Force
– Newton’s 1st Law
– Friction
– Rollong Friction
– Sliding Friction
– Static Friction
– Newton’s 2nd Law
– Weight
– Newton’s 3rd Law
– Center of Mass
– Density

This game has been designed to fit into several situations:

– The game may be an entire classroom activity.
– The game may be a stand alone enrichment.
– The game may be a group activity.
– The game may be a review of a unit’s vocabulary
– The game may be an introduction to a unit’s vocabulary.
– The game may be timed or untimed.


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