Physics Exit Tickets

Resource Description

These Exit Tickets are a must for any science teacher teaching Physics. There are so many ways I use these cards. I keep them with me throughout the unit to keep me on point. They can be copied and placed in centers or used in many other ways. Enjoy!

35 Exit Tickets focused on Physics
Answer Key
Ideas for Use

* Speed
* Instantaneous Speed
* Velocity
* Acceleration
* Mass
* Inertia
* Conservation of Momentum
* Force
* Net Force
* Balanced Forces
* Unbalanced forces
* Newton’s Laws
* Rollong Friction
* Sliding Friction
* Static Friction
* Gravity
* Weight
* Center of Mass
* Pressure
* Pascal
* Fluid
* Barometer
* Buoyant Force
* Archimedes” Principle
* Density
* D=m/V
* W = F X D
* Power

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