Episode 22: STEMfacebook.com Top Article for March 21, 2021

Episode 21: STEMfacebook.com Top Article for March 14, 2021

Episode 20: STEMfacebook.com Top Article for March 7, 2021

Episode 19: STEMfacebook.com Top Article for March 1, 2021

Episode 18: STEMfacebook.com Top 5 Articles for February 21, 2021

Episode 17: Showing how to Convert Power Point Presentations into Google Slides!

Episode 16: Invitation to COVID-19 Proofing Your Teaching Plans for Fall of 2020

Episode 15: the STEMfacebook.com Top 5 for May 17

Episode 14: the STEMfacebook.com TOP 5 for May 9th

Episode 13: Top Five Articles on STEMfacebook.com

Episode 12: TOP FIVE ARTICLES ON STEMFACEBOOK.com for April 26

Episode 11: TOP FIVE ARTICLES ON STEMfacebook.com!


Episode 9: Answering Questions from Teachers (Scavenger Hunt)

Promotional Video for Lemon Battery Experiment

Episode 8: Getting To Know www.stemcenterblog.com

Episode 7: Why Should You be following the STEM FACEBOOK?

Episode 6: We are providing you with FREE notes for your science topics!

Episode 5: This is a closer look at our Scientific Method Interactive Notebook

Episode 4: Find out how, what, when, and the why’s about our BIG UNIT BUNDLES and the different topics that are covered.

Installment 3: “The STEM Center Trivia Board Game” Week of Feb. 16, 2020

This brief installment shows a pictorial of how to use the STEM Center’s Trivia Board Game Series.

Episode 2: “Set up and execution of five-tiered Escape Rooms” Feb. 9 2020

This week’s podcast is focused on the five tiered, STEM Center Escape Room.

Episode 1: “Scavenger Hunts Explained” February 2, 2020

Our very first episode of the STEM Center’s podcast is dedicated to walking you through Scavenger Hunts.

Find out how to set it up correctly and see the fast-check system!

As you listen to the podcast, we have also produced a very visual representation for your viewing.

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