We have had many Teachers asking for a way to conduct a mini-Escape Room online. This web page is dedicated to explaining exactly how to provide a fun, collaborative, and comprehensive mini-Escape room activity.


After downloading the Google Version of our min-Escape Room, delete all slides except for the Terms Card, Definition Card, and Cipher Card.Take a screen shot of each of the Term on the Term Card. Place the screen shots of the Terms randomly on a new Google Slide.

Send your students the Definition Matrix.

Send the Definition Card to your Google Classroom (to your students).

Send your Randomly ordered Term Slide to your Google Classroom (to your students).

Send the Cipher Card to your Google Classroom (Your students).

Using Google Meet to bring all of your students into a virtual escape room setting, the students can then collaborate on which card to place where on the matrix of definitions. What is so fun, is the fact that some students will excel at using the cipher and others will excel at matching definitions.

Instruct your students to place the appropriate Term & Number over top of the correlating definition on the Definition Card, and use the Cipher Card unveil the Combination Code.

Upon revealing the combination, the students will email the number to you the teacher.

There you have it –

This is how you can form a Virtual Escape Room!

  • One last note: If you would like to place a little competition into the escape room, and reduce the number of students working together, you can always place your students into multiple Google Meets.

You may also be interested in our instructional video for your students that are using the Escape Room in the classroom. (Please watch this video)