STEM Center Scavenger Hunts are a great way to get your students out of their chairs and moving around while learning valuable vocabulary.  If you have not ever used a Scavenger Hunt Circuit, they may seem difficult without instructions.  Our Scavenger Hunts allow the students to more easily become engaged in the learning process.  You will find a very detailed explanation below.

Each poster is taped to either my classroom wall or out in my hallway. In the middle of the poster, under the dotted line, there is a clue for the next corresponding term.
Each student is supplied with a clip board and an answer sheet. One of the most frequent questions is “where or at which poster do the students start?”
There is a red star on the answer sheet. The star corresponds with a matching star on one of the posters. This allows the student to know where to begin writing down the terms.  The letters written to the right in the boxes will spell out the “fast checking” phrase or word.

The small print terms under the dotted line leads to the BOLD term at the bottom of another poster.
The student records both the vocabulary term and the corresponding letter onto the answer sheet.
Each poster will have the clue for the next term in small print.  The small printed clue on this poster reads: “1000 meters”.  This small lettered clue leads to the Large printed word Kilometer on the poster below.

When the next poster is found, three pieces of information is gathered by your students. The Blue arrow is pointing at the Letter. The letter will be recorded for the “fast check system”. The green arrow is pointing at the “Clue” for the next poster. The red arrow is pointing at the Term that needs to be recorded.  On this poster example, the clue of “1000 meters” led to the BOLD term of “Kilometer”.
Here is the clue for the next poster! The clue reads “10 millimeters”.  The students is now looking for a poster with the BOLD term “Centimeter”.
Here the students find the correct term of “Centimeter”.  After the students complete one or two posters, the process begins to speed up rapidly.  On this poster the clue reads “.001 meters”.  The students are now looking for the term “Millimeter”.
The student answer sheets are super easy to understand and use.  The terms are recorded to the left, and the letters are recorded to the right.
Students sit in their seats all day long. Get them up and moving aground! The first scavenger hunt is a learning experience for the teacher and the students.

The “Fast Checking System” saves you, the teacher, so much time!  Each corresponding letter spells out the “fast check” phrase or word.  The teacher just takes a quick look to see if the student spelled it correctly; fast & easy!  Students learn key vocabulary while having fun!

This is a Great way to get your students out of their chairs and on their feet. Students read definitions of vocabulary terms associated with Electricity from the scavenger hunt posters that are hanging on the classroom walls. The students then find the corresponding vocabulary term on another scavenger hunt poster. As the students find the answers, they record the answers on the pre made record sheet.

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