Space Interactive Notebook

Check out the pictures of the Genetics & Heredity INB.  If you have any questions about how the INB works, click on the green button below and you can take a tour explaining our resource.

This 40 page Space Interactive Notebook Section has a lot to offer.  Please take the time look at and read about this INB.

You need very few supplies when constructing the Space INB. Scissors, a glue stick, and tape will be all you need.
There are many time savers packed into the Space INB. Students who require a set of classroom notes benefit, and students are ensured a way to study vocabulary even without a text.
The vocabulary term flip-flaps are placed and pasted over the definitions.
Pictures and written description of both the inner planets and outer planets is provided to the students.
After being provided a reading passage, the student may then complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the planets.
After being provided a BCR prompt and space to write, the next page in the INB is a reading passage about the Earth’s moon. The adjacent page contains a depiction of the lunar phases, and an area to sketch the model.
There are 32 study buddy cards provided. These cards a way for your students to quiz each other on the space vocabulary. This is also an easy way for parents to quiz their children on the subject.

Space Interactive Notebook

This 40 page Space Interactive Notebook Section has a lot to offer!
* 32 words from the studies of space.
* Unlike other Interactive Notebooks, this INS has typed
* This is important for 504 students who require written
* Venn Diagram comparing the inner terrestrial planets to the outer gas planets
* A reading passage describing the solar system
* A diagram of the solar system and the order of the planets
* A reading passage on the Earth’s Tilt
*A BCR Prompt concerning the general motion pattern of the planets
* A provided area for the student to write descriptions of each
* Multiple choice questions focused on the solar system
* Reading passage concerning moon phases
* Schematic of the Lunar cycle w/sketch area provided
* 35 “Study Buddy” cards with a key provided
– Bonus: “Solar System Beat the Clock Game” with instructions

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