Force & Motion Interactive Notebook

Force and Motion Interactive Notebook

This Force & Motion Interactive Notebook Section has a lot to offer! Before using Interactive Science Notebooks, students got lost in writing and not comprehending the science. The INBs allow the students to keep a neat, interactive, functional, and yes; fun notebook.

The Force & Motion INB is a great way for students to become engaged in the learning process.
The Force & Motion INB has 48 vocabulary terms and definitions provided as flip folds.
The first reading passage provided within the INB is a follow along, fill in the blank passage. The left page is utilized for note taking.
This insert is a follow along, fill in the blank, reading passage focusing on motion and points of reference.
The next reading follow along, fill in the blank insert focuses on speed, and demonstrates how to read a motion graph.
The next two inserts are Force & Motion Challenges. The student is instructed to hypothesize where the cue ball must be struck to sink the eight ball.
This insert is the Newton’s First Law of Motion cannon fold down. The student must explain the direction of a fired cannon ball.
The student answer is written under the flip fold insert.
Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion Challenge has the student analyze the angle of the tennis rackets hitting the balls, and hypothesize which direction the ball will travel.
After reading the displacement vs. displacement insert, the student fills out a Venn diagram.
The next flip fold focuses on acceleration.
This flip fold allows the student to identify the velocity of five jumbo jets.
This flip fold is a mathematics challenge. The student is given speed calculation problem to solve.

Newton’s 3rd Law is highlighted on this flip-fold.
This constructed response requires the student to compare and contrast distance vs. displacement.

This sleeve that is pasted into the INB holds 35 Study Buddy cards and an Answer Key.  The cards are a key component in my student’s study habits.


Finally, there are multiple choice question that need to be answered.

– 48 Force & Motion Flap-Fold Vocabulary words & definitions
– Unlike other Interactive Notebooks, this INB has typed definitions.
This is important for students (Modifications & 504) who require written copies of Notes.
– Follow along Fill in the Blank Reading Passage (Forces)
* Filled in Answer Key included!
– Force in Motion Challenge
– Newton’s 1st Law Cannon Firing
– Hitting the ball with Newton’s 2nd Law
– Follow along, Fill in the blank with Motion
– Venn Diagram comparing Distance
– Speed Cut & Paste Passage
– Calculating Speed Math Question
– Determining Velocity of Jets
– Acceleration Read & Paste Fold
– Calculating Acceleration Math Question
– Multiple Choice Questions
– Newton’s 3rd Law Sketch & Paste
– Distance and Displacement BCR
– 35 thought provoking “Study Buddy” cards with an Answer Key