Earth’s Climate Interactive Notebook

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Climate Interactive Science Notebook

The Earth’s Climate Interactive Notebook Section has a lot
(42 PAGES) to offer! Before using Interactive Science Notebooks, students got lost in writing and not comprehending the science. The INBs allow the students to keep a neat, interactive, functional, and yes; a fun notebook.
– 24 Flip-Fold Vocabulary words & definitions
– Venn Diagram Weather vs. Climate
– Rain Shadow FIB (Follow along Fill In the Blank Notes)
– Large Bodies of Water FIB Foldable
– Seasons FIB Foldable
– CUT & CREATE the Seasons
– El Nino FIB
– Pop Up Volcano Foldable & Notes
– Global Warming BCR
– Fossil Fuels Foldable
– Deforestation Foldable
– Fossil Fuels Explained
– Building Greenhouse Gases Chemistry
– Multiple Choice
– X36 Study Buddy Cards featuring Water Terms
– Teacher’s Keys