The STEM Center’s Mastery Stations are different than other student led labs.  Unlike other student led activities, these Mastery Stations cover subject matter found throughout the unit.

The Vocabulary matching station allows your students to become familiar with unit terminology.  When using this station, I allow students to use technology to search for terms.  The terms include:- Speed
– Instantaneous Speed
– Velocity
– Acceleration
– Mass
– Inertia
– Momentum
– Law of Conservation of Momentum
– Force
– Newton’s 1st Law
– Friction
– Rollong Friction
– Sliding Friction
– Static Friction
– Newton’s 2nd Law
– Weight
– Newton’s 3rd Law
– Center of Mass
– Density


Students are provided reading passages concerning Newton’s Laws, Distance vs. Displacement, Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration.  After reading the article, the students are asked to complete two writing prompts concerning force and displacement.

The Sketch Station challenges students to draw and explain a space shuttle lifting off, a graph, and a ball going through displacement.

Our hands-on lab activity engages the student to measure the distance and displacement of a crumpled up piece of paper.

In this station your students are asked eight text dependent questions.

The final station uses 34 vocabulary cards where the students are challenged to write down the corelating terms.