Setting Up Your COVID-Proof Distance Learning Classroom: Archive vs. Text Chapters

So when the corona virus break originally happened, I had not put in a lot of time thinking about the synchronicity of the online feed for my classroom. One day I was in my classroom and the very next day I was teaching from my MacBook Air in my bunker-like office in my basement.

I thought it would be the best bet to organize my distance teaching with the chapters within the textbook. At the time of the break my class was in the middle of rocks and minerals. We were elbows deep using the porcelain plates and dichotomous keys to identify minerals. Wasn’t it best practice to simplify the situation by finishing that material and moving into weathering and erosion?

Now that I have more time to analyze the situation there are more than one way to skin this proverbial cat. Some teachers set up their Distance Teaching Classroom in coordination with the chapters of the text, but others use an archival system, while others use a chronological approach. I would like to share an article that I came across that does a fantastic job of describing several ways to go about setting up: CLICK HERE TO READ.

Read the article and choose for yourself. I have not decided which way I am going yet. See you tomorrow!